Mark Murphy: Green Bay will likely host the draft in 2025 or 2027

The Packers have been trying to bring the NFL draft to Green Bay, and they think they’re getting close.

Packers President Mark Murphy said Monday that although the league has chosen other hosts on the previous occasions when the Packers have tried to get the draft, it’s looking likely in 2025 or 2027.

“I feel confident in either ’25 or ’27 we will. We’ll be given strong consideration,” Murphy said, via “We’ve been close on other ones, too.”

Murphy said NFL decision-makers love the history around Green Bay, but that as by far the smallest market in the league, the number of hotel rooms is a concern.

“They really like the history and tradition of Lambeau Field and Titletown,” Murphy said. “The number of hotels in Green Bay, that’s the issue. It’s become a big enough event. We’ve included all the way down to Milwaukee that people would be staying. We’ve actually looked at cruise ships [but] I don’t know if the ice would be thawed by then.”

The 2023 NFL draft will be in Kansas City and the 2024 NFL draft will be in Detroit. Murphy said the Packers will not bid to host the 2026 draft because that year they already have a big non-Packers event they’re focusing on, the Wisconsin-Notre Dame game at Lambeau Field.