Bear visits Georgia mall, tries to open doors

A visitor to a Georgia mall captured video of a young bear that wandered up to the shopping center and appeared to try to open the doors of multiple businesses.

Joakima Douglas said she was on her way to the neighboring movie theater when she spotted the black bear at the Avalon shopping center in Alpharetta.

“I said, I got to get video of this because no one is going to believe I saw a bear at the mall,” Douglas told WSB-TV.

Douglas, who posted her video to Facebook, said the bear tried to open several locked doors at the mall.

“The way he was waiting to get in there you would have thought it was a dog waiting for its owner,” she said.

The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety said the bear was stuck by a vehicle near the mall and fled into the nearby woods. The department said the bear has since been seen raiding garbage cans and does not appear to be seriously injured.